Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And he thinks he has a "good, strong record"?

From the Washington Post:

With seven days left until he surrenders power, Bush will have to do a heck of a sales job to convince the nation of this. Further complicating his last-minute legacy rehabilitation: Nobody seems to be paying attention. The White House had high expectations for yesterday's final, historic news conference. "ONE CORRESPONDENT PER ORGANIZATION," proclaimed the bulletin sent to reporters. "STANDING ROOM ONLY FOR NON-SEAT HOLDERS." But when the appointed hour of 9:15 a.m. arrived, the last two rows in the seven-row briefing room were empty, and a press aide told White House interns to fill those seats.

HA HA HA. WHy did anyone show up is my question. To hear more lies and BS I guess.


  1. Maybe they wanted to hear him say "misunderestimate" or "nookular" one last time :-)

  2. There are still White House interns?

    Noone you are completely off base here...he does have a good strong record. A strong record of self-servitude and malfeasance.

  3. Did I miss something? Drat...

  4. Hello everyone. I thought Interns were gone, due to bad behaviour. I guess not. As for "misunderestimate", that's a new one I had not heard. I am so glad that we don't have to listen to more poor grammer coming from a president ANYMORE. No wonder our HS grads seem like a bunch of dumbos.

  5. Um, it's "grammar".
    Sorry :-)

  6. Doug - Blogging doesn't require proper spelling. I once read that "the internet means never having to say your srory." There is more wisdom than irony in that quote.