Saturday, January 10, 2009

Dorries Forum is not working for me

At a complete loss, again. I signed up to be a member of Dorries Fun Forum yesterday. I used my email address, new userID for her forum as "Noone", and I know my password. Well, today I check, and I can't login. Userid doesn't match email address. Email address with password does not work. WHat The Hell is Going On? And if I look at the forum, it has me attached to someone in BOLIVIA of all places. I am not in Bolivia, and I don't have any plans to go there...ever. WHY ME?


  1. Maybe you aren't holding your llama correctly.

    I had to drop the last j in jadedj when I signed wouldn't let me use jadedj for some reason. Have you tried re-registering?

    What do you have against Bolivia?

  2. Clearly a case of ID theft. Close all your accounts. Move to Ireland. Write if you find work.

  3. JadedJ: Ho ho ho....I have not a llama currently. Wish I did, for something to hold. I guess I can re-register as "noone?XXX?" or whatever. I really have nothing against Bolivia. I am sure it is a great place to be.
    Feyman: It is clearly identity theft of noone. Ireland is cold right now, so not a preferred place to relocate. As for work, I am currently looking. Must find some way to waste my time here on earth. But $10 US per hour seems like a complete waste of time. Maybe I'll start up a website. Ha Ha Ha.

  4. Have you considered buying JS? It's for sale...really...not kidding.

    You don't want to hold a llama...they smell...and spit in your eye.

  5. Maybe the fun forum lost your data when a disgruntled employee took an axe to the drive?

  6. Contact Dorrie and see if she can help you with it or wheelie.